Passing On The Tradition of Service in a Think Tank

Perhaps you have traced your ancestry and discovered that you have some public servants, military generals or famous politicians in your family tree. Maybe you have some industrial capitalists in there some where as well. If you do indeed have some strong family names with a lot of history behind them, shouldn't you do the family name some honor?

Not long ago, I met someone with a strong family name who indicated to me that he wished to join a think tank. We talked about this and I indicated that it is interesting that he studies Economics, Politics and History, as his ancestry has been making a lot of it for centuries now. He also had some famous generals in that lineage. The Defense of a nation is paramount if the civilization is to continue. All these subject matters are important at any serious Think Tank. This prompted me to ask:

So tell me, what brings to a think tank at this juncture of your life experience? Are you a student, professor now? What issues do you consider important at this time? It seems a bit of World History is being made during the present period and we are living through some turbulent times, although not as turbulent as past periods, yet interesting nevertheless? Surely, the decisions made today affect the forward progression of mankind into the next period.

Since he lived in Maine, we also got to talk about his state and area and I asked; Are there local issues in ME that concern you? Lobster shell problems, dead zones, price of natural gas, weather, economics, small business, downtown revitalization, securing clean industry and tech?

What issues do you find problematic for the Northeast over all? What are your thoughts on the former Governor of MA for President? Any thoughts on the Big Dig becoming a big disaster, if needed repairs go unchecked? How about alternative energies, robotics, nano-tech, defense tech, AI, VR, etc, as you live so close to so many top Universities, Technology Centers and Business Incubators, with lots of capital ready and waiting?

Of course, he was also interested in the bigger picture too and so we talked about more national and Global issues; What do you see is the biggest problem for our nation? Do you consider us a divided nation? Do you find this to be good, bad, indifferent, or opportunity for profits in the chaos? How about transportation, education, energy, borders, water supply, currency, trade deficits, consumer debt, health care, etc.?

What issues do you see on the World Scene? Do you feel that water, weather, oil, drugs, NGOs, genocide, child slave trade, urban slums, bird flu, are issues that need addressing? What are your thoughts on Radical Elements with radical motives? Where would you change things and what would you change at the city, state, region, national or Planet level?

Everything matters at a think tank, no detail is without merit, all must be considered to prevent the unintended consequences of linear thought. Perhaps you can see this, perhaps not, but if you do and feel strongly about it, maybe its in the genes and your family tradition, thus, shouldn't you give back a little as you grow? Think on it, talk with you soon.